About Us

About Us

Our Journey

What started as a mere side hustle for home garden enthusiasts in 2018, has turned into a dream that transpires beyond a mere seed business. We, at Garden Fresh Bangladesh, aim to provide our top-quality line of seeds: “Bizpata”  to the rural farmers of Bangladesh in an attempt to revolutionize the agricultural sector.

On the cusp of the COVID-19 pandemic, our passion for home gardening had a significant effect on the minds of the general public through our YouTube channel. Such public acceptance of an environment-friendly hobby tickled our minds and motivated us to make a change—a change that puts nature before nickels, a move that prioritizes health over profit.

This is how Garden Fresh Bangladesh came into being. From a home gardening hobby channel to an authorized proprietorship that aims to deliver high-quality seeds and top-notch agricultural consultation all across and beyond the country, we have indeed come a long way!


Why Us?

Our seeds have been carefully cultivated and selected for their disease resistance, ensuring that your crops will remain healthy and robust. Our thorough selection process for seed varieties ensures that the resulting crops not only retain their unparalleled flavor and freshness for a longer duration, but also meet the stringent standards of discerning consumers seeking the finest produce available on the market. Not only do our seeds meet the highest standards for quality, but they are also export-grade, making them suitable for a variety of commercial applications. Starting from local fruits and vegetables to exotic greens, we intend to produce and supply all of it.

Just like a newly planted seed that is about to sprout, Garden Fresh Bangladesh is relatively new in this field but has immense potential. Given the level of pollution that we are subjected to on a daily basis, we as humans need to be more health-conscious than ever. Our high-quality seeds ensure that the next batch of crops pose no danger to health, and are rich in nutritional value. And to top it off, our team of production experts can suggest and prepare extensive plans through which our clients can produce A-grade plantations according to their own requirements!

As a brand that has an origin of passion, we value righteousness as much as we care about our growth. Hence, our journey is one of revolution that asks questions about the unethical business prevalent in our local market. We intend to become the seed of hope which will shelter the next generation with our promise of purifying our main sources of nutrition.


Our Clients

From initially supplying seeds to home gardeners and local farmers, we have come a long way and have established our rapport with farmers from multiple districts. Passionate home gardeners all over the country have found us to be trustworthy in their journey of producing their own plantations.

As a leading distributor of international hybrid seed brands in Bangladesh, we are constantly striving to bring the latest and most advanced varieties to our customers. Local agro-farms that focus on producing vegetables reach out to us in their pursuit of producing high-quality crops.

To this end, we are actively seeking partnerships and collaborations with international companies and brands that can provide improved and genetically advanced seeds with improved characteristics. In addition to supplying high-quality crops at the post-production stage upon mutual investment, we also provide consultancy, training, and fertilizers to ensure that you have everything you need to get the desired production using our seeds. Our extensive experience and know-how in this field make us a valuable resource for anyone looking to succeed in gardening or farming.

Through this collaboration, we can help foreign companies maximize their crop output and achieve success in their farming endeavors. We are committed to helping our partners grow and prosper, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with them. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of investing in Garden Fresh Bangladesh and how we can help your company succeed in the field of seed production and farming.